The Topsham Beer and Bacon Festival 2017 for HospiceCare.Best served with a umbrella.(not sure how much was raised will keep you posted)

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Exmouth’s Fun Park the last bank holiday A family run business for a family day out. Established over 60 years as Exmouth’s Premier seafront attraction. There is something for everyone from Swan rides to slides, Waterwalkerz to Body Zorbs. Exmouth’s biggest outdoor adventure playground, astra slide, zipline, toddler town, playboat and assault course and much more, come and go as you please with unlimited entry throughout the day, and spectators go free.

Exmouth Fun ParkExmouth Fun Park-5Exmouth Fun Park-3Exmouth Fun Park-4Exmouth Fun Park-6Exmouth Fun Park-7Exmouth Fun Park-8Exmouth Fun Park-9Exmouth Fun Park-10Exmouth Fun Park-11Exmouth Fun Park-12Exmouth Fun Park-13Exmouth Fun Park-14Exmouth Fun Park-15Exmouth Fun Park-16Exmouth Fun Park-17Exmouth Fun Park-18Exmouth Fun Park-19Exmouth Fun Park-20Exmouth Fun Park-21Exmouth Fun Park-22Exmouth Fun Park-23Exmouth Fun Park-24Exmouth Fun Park-25Exmouth Fun Park-26Exmouth Fun Park-27Exmouth Fun Park-28Exmouth Fun Park-29

Open air cinema at Powerham castle

powderham castle open air cinemapowderham castle open air cinema-2powderham castle open air cinema-3powderham castle open air cinema-4powderham castle open air cinema-5powderham castle open air cinema-6powderham castle open air cinema-7powderham castle open air cinema-8powderham castle open air cinema-10powderham castle open air cinema-11powderham castle open air cinema-12powderham castle open air cinema-13powderham castle open air cinema-14powderham castle open air cinema-15powderham castle open air cinema-16powderham castle open air cinema-17powderham castle open air cinema-18powderham castle open air cinema-19powderham castle open air cinema-20powderham castle open air cinema-21

What a fantastic open air cinema hosted by pop-up events at Powderham Castle

Powderham Castle enjoys a unique, picturesque setting within an ancient deer park beside the Exe estuary, just south of Exeter. Over 600 years of history can be discovered within the walls of one of Devon’s oldest family homes. Powderham came to the Courtenay family in the dowry of Edward I’s granddaughter, and her son, Sir Philip Courtenay, began building the Castle in 1391. It has remained in the family to this day, and recently became home to the new Earl & Countess of Devon, the 28th generation to move in.  The magical setting and convenient location makes Powderham the perfect venue for your special event, be it a wedding or business function. For locals and visitors to Devon it is a ‘must see’ and with its many attractions – a wonderful family day out!

Jamie Oliver Opens new Restaurant In Exeter’s Princesshay South West Based Photographer 07980 851 843 South West Based Photographer 07980 851 843


jamie's  Italian Exeter-551

jamie's  Italian Exeter-544

jamie's  Italian Exeter-542

jamie's  Italian Exeter-532

jamie's  Italian Exeter-530

jamie's  Italian Exeter-521

jamie's  Italian Exeter-515

jamie's  Italian Exeter-506

jamie's  Italian Exeter-505

jamie's  Italian Exeter-502

jamie's  Italian Exeter-497

jamie's  Italian Exeter-476

jamie's  Italian Exeter-468

jamie's  Italian Exeter-466

jamie's  Italian Exeter-451

jamie's  Italian Exeter-443

jamie's  Italian Exeter-431

jamie's  Italian Exeter-424

jamie's  Italian Exeter-409 jamie's  Italian Exeter-407

jamie's  Italian Exeter-401

jamie's  Italian Exeter-383

jamie's  Italian Exeter-367

jamie's  Italian Exeter-363 jamie's  Italian Exeter-344

jamie's  Italian Exeter-324

jamie's  Italian Exeter-320

jamie's  Italian Exeter-315

jamie's  Italian Exeter-302

jamie's  Italian Exeter-298

jamie's  Italian Exeter-248

jamie's  Italian Exeter-239

jamie's  Italian Exeter-221

jamie's  Italian Exeter-192

jamie's  Italian Exeter-189

jamie's  Italian Exeter-184

jamie's  Italian Exeter-133

jamie's  Italian Exeter-125

jamie's  Italian Exeter-103

jamie's  Italian Exeter-57

jamie's  Italian Exeter-32

jamie's  Italian Exeter-15

jamie's  Italian Exeter-3